Business Cards


    THE CLASSIC  If you don’t have any creative idea, go with this one. It has a standard format, all the information needed,
    but can be made attractive by the use of nice paper and letterpress printing.

    THE WILD FORMAT  Some designers like to play with different formats for business cards. Some go with a huge folded format that turns the card into a small brochure,
    others prefer to go tiny. Either way, it can be a good way to get your card noticed when you give it, but you should also think about how people will store your card.
    Use cutting wisely and you could create a really unique and outstanding business card.

    THE SOCIAL NETWORKER  A phone number? What would you do with it anyway? Call me? The social networker’s card reflects his communicating habits.
    Some will forget about all the traditional contact ways like the address or the phone number.
    The online geek will rather add URLs of his Twitter account, Facebook page, or share his IM info on the card.

    THE GADGET  Not the easiest cards to create, but making a card that can be transformed into something definitely makes an impression when you give it out.
    You can try to be creative and you’ll get noticed for sure.

    THE TYPOGRAPHIC  Business cards that specifically use typography to look cool.